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Hey Vinglers! Hey everyone, it's tbell2. S/O to @VinMcCarthy for the idea for this month. It is Day 2 of Decision December and if you are just joining us the first matchup is here. And so let's begin!!

The next line up is... Kurama Vs. Yamato!

Who will reign victorious?! X)
Kurama is a silver-fox demon from YuYu Hakushu, who at first was a murderous killer and turned for the better. Now along with Yusuke Urameshi, they fight to save the human world from the demon world. Kurama readily destroys creatures with his rose whip. And, don't mess with him when he is in his true form! When he is Yoko, he becomes a speedy fighter with an analytical and tactical mind and an unstoppable force!
Yamato isn's anyone to underestimate either. In Naruto, before he was the temporary replacement for Squad 7, he is was a member of the Anbu under the leadership of Kakashi. He has gained many great battle techniques along the way, like the Wood Release Kekkei Genkai, which is also used by the First Hokage. And as a previous member of the Anbu, he is a terrific strategist and strong assassin.

So who will it be? Your vote is what counts! Anyone is welcome to vote! Post votes in the comments, and please tell us why you think so. We always love to have a good discussion. X)

Voting will start as soon as I post it and voting will be open til 8:00 AM EST. Sorry for the late post, but hope you guys like it!!
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Kurama, duh that's like asking "Pit bull terrier Vs. a new born" it would be a short fxcked up fight to see
yamato didn't "learn" the wood release kekkei genkai...kekkei genkai you are born with....get your facts straight
@DreavanMyst well yes that's true but I hope that you know I didnt say it incorrectly because you also learn new techniques with the kekkei Genkai. look at sasuke and Kakashi. they had awakened the Sharingan eye(s) but learned new techniques when it changed into the mangekyo sharingan
technically kakashi is the only one to truly claim that he "learned" his, his was an implanted. learning a technique pertaining to said kekkei genkai is just unlocking the potential they have in their blood, execpt for kakashi