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I have no doubt that Bob Belcher would be extremely jealous of the success of these incredible burgers.

They were created and photographed by Fat and Furious Burger, a French graphic design duo who became obsessed with creating edible art during their hour-and-a-half lunch breaks.

Pretty crazy that these were created, photographed, and consumed (yes, consumed!) in such a short time, huh?

(Also, on an unrelated note, for two French guys, their English pun game is pretty damn strong. Pictured above: The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Burger.)

The Armstrong

The Blue Burger

The Boom Burger

The Burger d'Amour

(A play on pomme d'amour, French for candy apple.)

The Crabzilla

The Go Green Burger

The Happy Birthger

The Jurassic BurgEgg

The Mystery Box Burger

My Name Is Bun, James Bun

Pizza Mutant Ninja Burger

The Sunburnger

The Ocean Burger

The UFO Burger

The White On White Burger

The Yin and Yang Burger

Check out their website here for more jaw-dropping burger creations!
All photos belong to Fat and Furious Burger. :)
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@danidee I did ^^ go Europeans! Woo
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@matildajgarrett Brb, lowering my inferior American head.. T_T
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XD I live in America though @danidee
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Hahahaha @matildajgarrett good for you!! :D Are you European?? Even though you live in the US? hehe
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Yep my heritage is all European ^^ @AlloBaber
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