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As suggested by @JasmineWilliams...This week's ship will be no other than BTS oldest members....NAMJIN!!! I am actually a supporter of this ship and I think this relationship can be real....I mean they are already consider the mother and father of BTS...You might as well make it official!!! I hope you like this card of NamJin...(and for those of you who don't recongnize the name its Namjoon{RapMonster} and Jin) For all you hardcore shippers who love BTS is for you

They are literally the cutest things ever!!! \>_</

I can't explain it but it just feels like they belong together!!

Ughhh..I can't take it! IT'S JUST TOO CUTE

Are You A Supporter Of This Ship? If So, Tell Me Why In The Comments!!

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YESSSS!!! Mom and dad!!!! 馃挏馃挏 I love NamJin!!!!
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You. Bet. I. Am. *rolls like a buffalo*
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My two bias!!!! They're so cute together!!!
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@JohnEvans lol so true!!
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