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It is true. I have only ever seen white males on the cover of People Magazine. With the exception that one year when Danzel Washington was chosen. That's being a little one sided, don't ya think? There are so many beautiful people all around the world. Hope you enjoy the article. Moon Jong Up "Jongup" is no. 5, Kim Jong In "Kai" at no. 14 (being described as being Divine), Huang Zitao "Tao" at no. 32, and Jackson Wang at no. 41. Being Naive American, I am proud to see a couple Native men on this list. Chaske Spencer and Andrew Orozco. Honorable mention, Alex Meraz for being a hot wolf. http://theodysseyonline.com/ohio-wesleyan/41-the-hottest-men-alive-from-around-the-globe/232333
oh wow, another native that likes kpop, nice (when I saw Kai, I was like, woah. honestly I haven't gotten into kpop but Kai is so beautiful)
@Matokokepa I actually got into kpop from remembering songs from speedpaints I watches and one of them had Coffee-BTS. I also was bored and was watching on demand and one shot by BAP was there. Both of them just made me loose my bad grades
@Journ505 I know right. He is mind numbingly stunning. My jaw dropped the first time I seen him. I watched dramas first, then I guy into the music because of couple actors were musicians as well. So I was curious as to what kind of music they were into. But, but I happen upon EXO thru an article and its been a downward spiral ever since lol