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"We will never fully comprehend or recreate the moment, it died at the moment of its´ birth. Sadly, the portrait is just a shadow of our meeting, a small stain of the time we spend together. A portrait remains forever. It is a desperate way to stay connected to someone, who though possibly a stranger, remains so familiar. It is my way of preserving a part of that person, embalming them. Through the portrait I build a relationship with my subject. I carry my subject´s memories with me, memories, as they are, being so intimately connected with photographs. Secretly I study their faces. This is how I remember them. I wonder how they remember me. As the time eats slowly away at us, I still hold these images of them, like they are the only way I ever knew, or will know these people. And that ever pervasive feeling; I met them. They will die and eventually I too will die." - Nelli Palomäki
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Oooh this not know that they are school like this in Helsinki :(