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Things that go hand in hand with Christmas; santa, snow, hot coco, and of course GINGERBREAD HOUSES!
But I'm not talking about the ones that you glue onto a milk canton and just always look really sad and unfortunate. Im talking about the most insane gingerbread houses I have ever seen.

Simple yet beautiful, the white piping makes amazing shingles and the candy cane entranceway is just adorably Christmas.

Okay, technically a pretzel house, but the log cabin feel was just way to amazing not to include in this list. I wish my apartment looked this cozy.

Come on!! This is just insane. The candy domes, the addition of the gold crosses. I wish I could be this talented. Its almost as insane as the actual building its modeled after.

Oh sorry but what. Not only is this gingerbread house striking and the dripping snow absolutely lick worthy, it is actually lit up!! This might be my favorite.

French Quarter made out of Gingerbread! Harrah's Hotel's columns look so delicious I could destroy it!

And of course, a gingerbread house that isn't even a house but the f*cking London Bridge. Im curious what even happened to this after this pic...because it isn't like you can just eat all of that hard work!

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@ButterflyBlu My cousin was on a few of those baking shows on TLC. Not on the Food Network though! She used to be one of Buddy's cake decorators on 'Cake Boss', so whenever the staff did a televised event for TLC, she was usually there piping away in the background lol.
@danidee whoa!! For real?! We used to watch that show all the time!! 馃挏 Buddy IS the boss!
@ButterflyBlu She owns her own bakery in NJ now, and she's still able to use the show to kind of market herself. It's kind of cool actually. Her stuff is so bourgie lol.
@danidee That's really cool, though. I'd work it, too! I totally want to go eat her noms. I'm not sure if it's worth risking a trip to NJ, though... I kid, I kid. *cough* Nah. That's really badass. Good for her!
@ButterflyBlu I'll see if she can mail us goodies later. Buhahaha.