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Food War Battle Two. Sebastion (Black Butler) vs Teuchi & Ayame (Naruto) For all who don't know who Teuchi and Ayame is, they are the father and daughter that owns Ichiraku Ramen in Konohagakure in the Naruto Universe. Cast your vote! Also choose the winner of the Soma vs. Sanji Food War. You could vote for the last food war in the food war collection until 10 pm. Thanks to @grij809 and @senpaimikayla for giving me these ideas. Anyone else who has ideas be free to comment them.
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Sebastian wins hands down
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Teuchi & Ayame
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I want to say Sebastian, but if he has to make a certain food he hasn't made for Ceil then he would lose considering he doesn't taste things like humans
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@MikeWolf Yay. I am inspiration. I think, hands down, it would be Sebastian. He has to do whatever Ciel commands. Making the finest of food is one of his commands. He is one hell of a butler and butlers live to serve.
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