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I was a sponge to your radicalism,
addicted to the stain you left behind
while others turned away
in disgust.
You were nothing I ever saw before
long hair, dirty shirts, and glazed over eyes,
your main focus climbing
books discarded for scales
and baggies and
Like a sponge
I thought I could wipe you clean
wash away your past and
the filth you drenched me in
But like a sponge
you wrung me dry
and discarded me when
you thought I became too dirty.
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@MelissaMae do you mean did I write this myself? Yes I did!! Thanks for the comments :)
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Awe I love this:) I actually tend to fall for people AFTER I get to know them (dated quite a few best friends) so when people ask me..uh why do you like them? It's usually because they don't see the good qualities that I do, and came to know after becoming friends.
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been here :)
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@LizArnone its great. it reminds me of my own experience.
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