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If you're not familiar with the genre of music known as 'K-pop', what rock have you been hiding under? K-pop also known as Korean pop music is a popular genre of music that originated in South Korea and has taken off global bringing in fans near and far. Like most celebrities in the music industry, fashion and one's sense of style is extremely important. As for South Korea, fashion is a huge part of the music industry and when it comes to the trendiest ensembles -- thanks can be given to menswear designer, Juun J.
It's no secret that this amazing designer lives by the mantra “classic and tailoring” based off of his exquisite designs that have been worn by G-Dragon, Rihanna and Taeyang from Big Bang [just to name a few]. Juun had a chance to get personal with Dazed Magazine and talk fashion and such, keep scrolling to get inside the designers head and learn a thing or two.
Why are you inspired by what you see on the street? What have you seen recently that has inspired you?
Juun J: Styles on the street are everyday and avant garde at the same time. I examine people on the streets very closely, from stylish people to elderly people and soldiers. The reason is these styles can be cooler than runway collections is that these people carry dynamic elements which cannot be seen on runway models. Most recently I have been inspired by vintage military uniforms.
You’ve previously cited Helmut Lang as inspiration – why?
Juun J: There is always something I feel after watching his shows. All his collections have different concepts, but there is a link that connects each season; through that link he shows his brand’s consistency. Also, he is an artist, not a fashion designer any more, and yet he’s is still suggesting many things. After surprising the fashion world and public with his genius, he has been distinguishing himself in the fine arts, where he really wanted to succeed. He is someone I look up to as a designer and as a person.
Are there any musicians that you work closely with?
Juun J: I always work with sound director Michel Gaubert for the collection. Since I met him in person, he is my favourite artist to work with. We discuss the collection’s mood, theme and clothes in a meeting before the show and he always responds with music surpasses my expectations.
Pusha T, Wiz Khalifa, G-Dragon and Rihanna have all worn Juun J. Is there any particular musician you love seeing wearing your clothes?
Juun J: It’s really gratifying and exciting for me to see any musicians love my clothes and wear them, but if I have to pick someone, it would have to be G-Dragon and Taeyang of Big Bang. They have unbelievable passion about their work and they are such professionals. These qualities translate to their clothes so it’s always exciting to share inspiration and thoughts with them.
How do you feel about showing in Florence?
Juun J: I believe presenting the collection at Pitti Uomo is a real honour. It is extremely special because being menswear guest designer there is kind of like taking centre stage in the world of menswear.
What do you think is the future of menswear?
Juun J: I think there will be many changes in the future. Men will disregard archaic forms of masculinity and create new forms of masculinity instead. But I believe there will be many changes in design as well – categories such as nationality, gender and age won’t be important any more. I welcome this change.

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