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Both @Arellano1052 and @Allobaber tagged me in their cards about their news year's resolution! You can check out their cards here and here.
So I am going to one, too. :)

1) Eat Healthier

As some of you know, I've started with some of my life changes. I am back in the fit-and-healthy game. I had a long hiccup (for a few months) where I wasn't doing any activity and I was eating pretty crappy. Because of it, I stacked a few pounds fairly quickly. I am not counting calories/macros, but I making more of an effort to eat healthier.

2) Do More Activities Outside

In addition to going to the gym, I am going to keep things varied and do outdoor things. I have always wanted to go hiking, camping, backpacking -- but I just never had the opportunity do it. Now I do, so I want to take full advantage of it.

3) Focus On My Own Happiness

I am usually pretty good at this, but I am going to make sure I don't lose sight of what makes me happy. That includes cooking more, weight lifting, being outside, going bachata dancing, and meeting new people.

4) Let Things Happen As They Do

I am a chronic overthinker, which is super bizarre because I am always that friend who's like, "stop overthinking it!" I am just going to let things happen and enjoy this ride called life.
Thanks for the mention. I don't do new year's resolutions because I never keep them, but I'm open to changes.
@TerrecaRiley I stopped making them too and I don't even mention a bucket list. If I have something I want to do, no pressure, just do it. This way, I'm not tense and I don't feel like I'm letting myself down.
I wish you luck!! :D Woot! Yeah, I'm trying to fix my food intake cause there's so much processed food everywhere I go that my stomach just gave up trying to digest it. So, I'm trying to eat healthy and stay a little more active c: I believe in you!
Love this! I need to get back to healthy eating for sure. I have been slacking on the greens
NOOOOOO, healthy food is bad! Stay away from it! *hiss, hiss* lol Good luck and I wish you the best!
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