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It is Drama December, and although I haven't actively participated I thought what could be a better time to my Drama Character UB......Lee Jeong Mun!
Lee Jeong Mun is a lead character from the drama Bad Guys, released in late 2014. He is played by Park Hae-Jin, an actor previously known for his roles as the flower boy. Hae-Jin amazed fans when he took the role of Lee Jeong Mun, a young man arrested as a serial killer, believed to have murdered 15 people. He is diagnosed to be psychopathic (scoring a 38 out of 40) and claims to not remember killing any of his victims. Two years after he is convicted he is put into a team of criminals meant to catch other criminals because of his extremely high intelligence.
This is an extremely dark drama, however it jumped to my favorite the moment I watched the first episode. Jeong Mun is a much more complex character than first believed to be and I will forever love him. His stare will forever give me life!!!!
That is just a tiny introduction to my Drama UB, Lee Jeong Mun. There is so much more I could tell about him, however I will end it here for the sake of my sanity (and to avoid giving any spoilers out in case some would like to watch the drama). Let us know who your UB is in the drama world!!!
This sounds like such an awesome drama! I'm taking forever to watch I Remember You and it seems a little bit similar to that! Totally going ot try to watch this!
@kpopandkimchi You completely should. It's kind of short but it's amazing!