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Well I've had many tries to talk to people. They only lasted for a select number of days. Well most of the conversations I've tried to have only lasted one so forget the select number. There's been only one person from here I've actually been able to keep as a friend and that's the only shown REAL support this app has. With that being said even when you finally have someone who says they'll be your friend or they will keep talking to you, but stop talking the second you actually start getting to know them! To me if you say you'll be there then be there don't give someone false hopes for a friendship. at least that's what has happened to me on this app. Well that's everything in a short (as sweet as I could put it) summary of what happened to me on this app. I hope everyone has a goodnight and a great week! I'll be going now goodbye Vingle c:!
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try saiko+ if you dont have it ...or anime animo im in a group so you can join ...