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Natural hair is definitely making a name for itself.

Like Mike Jones said, 'Back then they didn't want me, now I'm hot they all on me'. You can say the same for natural hair. About five years ago, the natural have movement was non-existent. You had a few women [including myself] dabbling in the idea of going full throttle and chopping all their hair off. Then you had the women who swore they would never rock their natural hair because they were loyal to their weave.
Fast forward a couple years and the game has changed entirely. Not only has the natural hair movement taken off drastically, but everyone is going natural these days including both celebrities and models. It's not everyday that you see a model on the runway embracing her 4C hair, but Maria Borges changed all that [see card here]. If you thought Maria was the only model loving her kinks, you can think again. Keep scrolling to see not one, but six runway models who rock their natural hair with style and grace.

Model #1: Karly Loyce

Model #2: Nykhor Paul

Model #3: Imaan Hammam

Model #4: Lineisy Montero

Model #5: Ajak Deng

Model #6: Maria Borges

You better rock it ladies!

How awesome is this @alywoah @TerrecaRiley @LAVONYORK?
so awesome. I'm so happy for these ladies. I'm so glad that the natural look is becoming more popular.I hope that we can continue to embrace our beauty no matter how we choose to wear our hair,no matter what anyone else thinks.
I totally agree!!! No one person looks the same. I am all for versatility. It's time we embrace it!! @ChosenKnight
Totally Awesome
Yes!!! Agreed! 🙌🏽 @mommaG