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Yeah I hate it. He was such a badass before. And I understand that he's not like Goku as far as enjoying fighting but this is ridiculous. Whether you enjoy fighting or not, if you led the kind of life that Gohan has up to this point, you should already know that you're going to end up fighting for your life and the life of your loved ones when you start to think you won't have to again. So for the sake of his family and soon to be born daughter, he should've been training as often as he could have to grow stronger so he could protect those that he cares about. There are so many main characters in anime that grow stronger because they have something to protect. He had no excuse to become so weak. He got complacent and lazy after Cell and became no more useful than Krillin. Even after he became Ultimate Gohan I was like okay now he's gonna kick some behind but he got beaten. Albeit by a fluke but beaten nonetheless. It should've been a wake up call. He should've been training in anticipation of another very powerful enemy appearing (which it did) that would threaten the continued existence of Earth and its human species. But that's just how I feel about it.
poor gohan... but, he had turned lame before that
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