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When doing a heist cx
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@RaquelArredondo it's like mentally and physically exhausting
2 years ago·Reply
this is something I do. basically just keep bashing my character into the problem until I finally resolve it
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@peahyr I feel your pain @VinMcCarthy Hahah the never ending cycle
2 years ago·Reply
😅I get mad and tell myself I dnt give a shit and Ima keep doing the same exact thing until I finally beat it 😌awwwww I remember the days on the GameCube when I would cuss at my controller and threaten to throw it at the tv lol 😧I actually ended up throwing it at the tv once 😊and I won the very next time lol I was playing super smash Bros
2 years ago·Reply
@PrinceCampbell Hahaha that game gets anyone angry cx
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