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The days of simply living life ended with Instagram.

You can't say your vows without your Instagram followers having a front row seat to your wedding these days. When they said social media was taking over, they weren't lying. Being an Instagram wife is literally a full time job, but being an Instagram husband is twice as hard. You're a photographer by day and by night while a husband on the side. Sounds ideal? Not really.
According to the men in the YouTube video titled 'Instagram Husband', their wives are a handful. If you're married and have happened to duck and dodge the role of being an Instagram Husband, you should definitely call yourself blessed. For those men who work full time helping their wife get likes, followers and comments -- don't feel bad, you're not alone. Keep scrolling to see the video that will give you a good laugh and make you hate the day social media was create all at the same time.

Would you willingly be an Instagram husband?

You'll get paid in hugs and kisses.