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I saw this article when it first came out, which feels like weeks ago, and I might have already wrote like 5 chapters in inspiration of it and I was wondering if any of you would be interested in reading a bit and telling me if it's good?._. I'm a novice writer, but I've been working on another fanfiction on wattpad as well.... I was just thinking if I should publish this one or not xD so if you're willing to spend maybe 5 minutes of reading a preview comment below~ I'll upload the preview soon after I receive some comments cx
*ALSO* If you're a fan of B.A.P I have a story already published in wattpad called "The Mafia Princess" @_kitty_kookie. I recently got over 1k views and I'm hoping to update this week after I'm finished with finals
yes please!!!! and tag me when u do!!!!
I would like to read it! Tag me, please!
Please tag!
same here, tag me when you upload them
I'd like to read it!
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