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In my opinion, one of the worst things a person can experience is losing a sibling at a young age.
Jason and Eric Sherman are brothers who love to skate. Eric started skating at the age of 6 and together the brothers made skate films in their backyard while growing up in New Hampshire. At the age of 17, Eric was diagnosed with leukemia. He underwent four rounds of chemotherapy and, four years later after graduating college, he passed away.
Jason was deeply hurt due to the lost of Eric. Looking to honor his brother, Jason quit his to take a 450 mile skate trip to a summer camp that Eric attended with his brothers at while growing up.
. Elite Daily captured journey in moving 12-minute documentary.
Via Elite Daily:
Eric’s final wish for his little brother was for him to continue with the passions they built together, on his own. Five years later, Jason’s pain was more evident than ever. He needed to find a way to reinvigorate Eric’s memory and spirit.
Jason decided to quit his 9-to-5 job and plan a massive skate trip with his best friend Tommy — a 450 mile journey up the east coast — from his house in the west village of Manhattan, to William Lawrence Camp in New Hampshire, revisiting places where he had so many formative memories with both of his brothers. The trip itself would serve as a fundraiser for the camp, to help kids who couldn’t afford the same experience they had every summer.

This is one of those stories about brotherhood that will make the toughest of men ball their eyes out. If this isn't true love, I don't know what is.

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