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The first oppa on the list is our prince Moon Jongup. With perfect eye smiles and teeth brighter than my future how could he not be on this list?
At number 14 we have the walking sex god Kim Jongin. His hip thrusts will thrust you to Jupiter.
With a jaw line that could cake, he's obviously perfect for everyone.
While he is older than most of the oppas on this list, he still hot as fuck (How hot is a fuck you may ask? Really hot.)
And finally ranking last on the list is Jackson. With the personality of a comedian and the body of a greek god I think his ranking should have been higher.
He doesn't promote in Korea, but this Japanese Brazilian man is really hot (like Jimin during the 2014 MAMA hot)
I love seeing my boys getting that international attention
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I agree Jackson should've been in at least the top 10. He certainly is in my top 5 though 😂