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Warning I came up with it myself so it might not be good. Day 1. Name an anime that begins with the first letter of your last name. Day 2. Favorite anime. Day 3. Anime you hate. Day 4. Anime you live in. Day 5. Anime character you wish you you could be. Day 6. Favorite genre of anime. Day 7. Cutest guy/girl in anime. Day 8. Favorite anime pet/animal. Day 9. Favorite anime quote. Day 10. Favorite anime joke. Day 11. Show you thought was anime but wasnt. Day 12. Anime you like better in sub. Day 13. Anime you like better in dub. Day 14. Favorite anime dub op/end. Day 15. Anime character that looks better as an adult than as a child. Day 16. Anime character that looks better as a child than an abult. Day 17. Cutest anime couple. Day 18. Worst anime couple. Day 19. Cutest anime twins. Day 20. Hottest anime twins. Day 21. Creepiest anime twins. Day 22. Coolest anime power. Day 23. Lamest anime power. Day 24. Shortest anime you've ever watched. Day 25. Shorest anime you've ever watched. Day 26. Anime you want to watch but cant. Day 27. 5 anime that start with the letter z. Day 28. Your top 10 favorite anime. Day 29. Your top 10 favorite anime op/end. Day 30. Anime you know you can't live without. And please everyone don't be a jerk cuz you don't like someone else's answer.
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day 5. I'm a girl, but the character I would maybe want to be would mpst likley be Killua from hunter x hunter. there are way too many characters to pick from though.
day 3. I'd have to say sailor moon.
day 6. I personally like action and romance themed anime, but I'm usually ok with almost anytype.
day 7. the twins Kaoru and Hikaru from Ouran High school host club
day 25 is supposed to be the longest anime I've ever watched