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Fitzgerald, who became the youngest receiver to have 1,000 career catches in NFL history on Dec. 6, is on pace to finish this season with 118 catches, which would give him 1,027 career catches.
At the moment, Fitz is 544 receptions behind all-time leader Jerry Rice and believes the gap is too far to make up before the end of his career.
"I don't think the record's attainable," Fitzgerald, who has 1,005 catches as he nears the end of his 12th NFL season, told
Fitzgerald pointed out that Rice was blessed to be able to catch passes from two of the best quarterbacks in NFL history (Joe Montana and Steve Young) for most of his career (with the San Francisco 49ers) and "then, those guys are gone and he goes from a Pro Bowl quarterback [Jeff Garcia, with the 49ers] to another MVP [Rich Gannon, with the Oakland Raiders]."
Do you think anyone in the NFL has the talent and situation to catch Jerry Rice?
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Yeah I don't know. Maybe one of the younger stars like OBJ or Amari Cooper, but it's also on the QB and the other receivers. I think the record will stand for at least another decade.
AJ Green has potential to catch him or at least set record for most receiving yards
@KyleBerke Yeah I actually agree with you. Maybe OBJ. If the Giants can find another great QB like Eli after Eli retires.
I think it's possible. If the team is right. If memory serves me right, Jerry and both Joe and Steve complemented each other's strengths. When you have a situation like that, it creates the environment for records like that to be obtained over one's career.
The only guy I see coming close to this record would be Antonio Brown..No one can cover him.