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Pete Rose remains banned for life from Major League Baseball.
Manfred said in a letter sent to Rose and made public that baseball's hits king hasn't been completely honest about his gambling.
"Mr. Rose's public and private comments, including his initial admission in 2004, provide me with little confidence that he has a mature understanding of his wrongful conduct, that he has accepted full responsibility for it, or that he understands the damage he has caused," Manfred wrote.
Rose's attorneys issued a statement that said they were disappointed with the decision and are reviewing the ruling with Rose,
Rose agreed to the ban in August 1989 after an investigation for Major League Baseball by lawyer John Dowd. While Rose is banned from the MLB, he is still eligible for the Hall of Fame.

Do you think the MLB has been to hard on Rose for too long? Is it time to lift the ban?

This is so ridiculous. I'm still like...really? About the whole thing. Doping is so much worse than a bet. Come on MLB.
I'm gonna be in the minority here, he's a bum that doesn't belong in the HOF. he's also a blow hard bully that denied Ray Fosse his chance at a hall of fame career. Baseball is not like the other sports it's special with very high standards and there are many who have been denied for far less. He bet on games that he managed for God sakes! not only could he affect the won loss but also scores, over under, players stats etc. This is no minor thing. if you let him in how about the black Sox? all of them would have to be let in. Finally look up how many hits he had and what his average was on GRASS. instead of that cement like turff he played on. lol don't mean to offend anyone just my opinion, and you did ask lol
or committed spousal abuse? or sexually assaulted anyone that I know of..
At least he hasn't done drugs like many other baseball players who made it into the hall of fame
I don't understand why the fuss. The man has an addiction. As everyone knows out outs considered an illness. Seriously let him in the hall of fame. he was one of the greats. Personally I can think of better reason to ban someone.
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