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This is my first attempt at a real fan fiction, it is BTS based but I don't believe it affects the story too much because they are being portrayed as average children/people, as of now anyway.

Chapter: Two, Three, Four, Five, Six

That First Step

I lie down and look around what is going to be my new room in the new apartment my family just moved into. The walls are plain white and it’s small, but I don’t mind, I can make it cute and comfy. I’m used to moving into new houses so it doesn’t take as long to get used to it anymore, but this was the biggest move we've had to make. I wish my dad’s job didn’t make him have to change places all the time, it just isn’t fair. I’m only ten years old and have lived in more cities and houses than most people live in their whole lives. I keep having to make new friends and now I have to use a language that I’m not very good at! I’m just lucky that the country I moved to uses the same language as Grandma speaks, Korean. I know a little bit but what am I going to do at school to make friends? I look so different since I’m mostly white, they’ll definitely think I have a really weird name, and I’ll barely be able to talk with them! As I lie there on the cool floor of my empty room, I continue sulking and worrying about what will come in the following weeks; meanwhile, trying to find comfort in my dad’s promise that this is the last move.
It’s here. The first day of school. Mom said I will be okay because the school is not too big and that the teacher will try to help me because she knows English; but I’m so afraid. Mom doesn’t know what it’s like continuously having to make new friends and lose them each time you have to move. She doesn’t know if it’ll actually be okay. It’ll be hard to blend in even a little because I’m switching schools when classes started a couple months ago. I’m not even at the school doors yet and I’m shaking just walking up to the building. My stomach hurts and I feel like my breakfast is coming up. I want to cry, kids were already staring at me because I’m new and now they’re staring even more since I’m crying. My eyes burn but the autumn breeze makes the tears running down my cheeks cold. I walk away finding a tree to sit under, I lean against the trunk, ignoring the dead leaves on the ground poking my legs, and hug my knees trying to stifle my sniffles.

After a few minutes, I feel someone gently touch my shoulder. I lift my head and a boy who has a concerned look on his face is staring back at me. I was too busy trying to calm myself down that I didn’t notice him walking over and sitting down right next to me. I probably look silly right now; he probably thinks I’m a big baby for crying at school. I quickly brush away my tears in a useless attempt to hide the fact that I was crying. He says something in Korean but I have a hard time understanding because he spoke so fast. I probably looked confused because now he is repeating it, but slower. “You look new. What’s wrong?”

I'm nervous since it’s my first time speaking Korean to someone new, “Yes I am new. I am sad and scared to be new. I am sorry. I do not know many words.” I know that I sound strange when I talk and my words are weirdly strung together.

“You talk funny.” Exactly what I thought, I feel tears welling up all over again. He quickly tries to fix it by adding, “But that’s okay, as long as you’re nice everything will be fine!”

I guess that’s true, I should be able to make friends by being nice with what few words I know. “Much thank you. Penelope is my name.” I get a blank stare in return. I think he is confused by my name, “If it is more easy to call me Nel then you can.”

He looks relieved, “Yes, that's much easier. I'm Kim Taehyung, and don’t worry because I’ll help you make lots of friends! I really hope you’re in my class Nel.” I can’t believe it, I made a friend already! I smile and he smiles back with a friendly, but kinda goofy, smile.

Suddenly, he stands up and holds out his hand to help me up, “Let’s go in the school since it’s a little chilly. We have time so if you tell me who your teacher is, I’ll show you where your classroom’ll be.” I grab his hand and with that, follow him into the school. I'm still nervous, but I'm a little less scared.
The way I wrote it was in a simple style, it is meant to read like a 10-year-old talks and thinks. The words are simple and as she gets older it will continue to get more descriptive and complex. When she speaks in Korean it is clumsy, out of order, and choppy in comparison to her usual thinking/speaking because she doesn't know it fluently.

Let me know how it is and feel free to critique it a little. Let me know if there are any grammar problems too, usually I'm good about those but they can slip through. I plan to alternate and show the boys' sides to stories once in awhile, but not every time. Thank you so much for reading! I will try to update regularly and not take too much time between chapters! Please look forward to Taehyung's point of view!
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I liked it!! You should definitely write some more! And I love how you made it from a younger persons perspective
this is definitely something different so I'm interested. Keep on tagging me :)
Oh yea! This definitely caught my attention! 😁😁 good job!!
this is pretty good! keep tagging me please ❤
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