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So I was watching Boys over Flowers and my dad comes in and sits down and starts watching it with me... He says it's terrible but told me to play the next episode πŸ˜‚
He actually started cry laughing at one point πŸ˜‚
I never thought my dad would watch this with me πŸ˜‚ Dad goals ?
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(I can't believe I'm about to say this was almost 10 years ago, I feel old) my mom and dad sat with me and watched Death Note. then they told me they've watched anime when they were younger and I was like wtf. My dad watches a lot of anime and reads a lot of manga, and my mom likes watching Korean dramas (and her favorite K-pop group is 2PM, but her favorite song is K.Will's Pleasedon't
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My father doesn't know that I watch Korean dramas cause he doesn't live with me. XD But, when we hang out, I'll get him to listen to BTS and he'll enjoy it a lot. He likes the song "Whalien 52" from their new album.
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my dad just makes fun of it so I take it off u.u but my mom in the other hand, really likes them cx lol she even likes kpop.
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Wow I wish my dad would watch k dramas with me like yours @kpopandkimchi your dad is so awesome for watching it with you!!
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