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You rushed home with Tae by your side, nerves starting to get the best of you. You have no idea how you're going to tell your mom and dad you're leaving. TO KOREA! To be with a man you barely met but have been in love with for years now. You try to think bout what to say, when Tae grabs your hand. Tae: "Dont worry y/n they'll understand." he gives you a peck on the cheek. Derryck: "I can't believe you're leaving me!" He groans, "Youre so lucky if only I could go!!" Tae: "I'll buy you a ticket whenever you want to fly out and visit I'm sure the group wouldn't mind it," he smiled a bit and Derryck melted instantly. You on the other hand could not stop shaking from all the adrenaline and excitement the night brought you. Your smile wouldn't go away, but you knew this was no easy task. Your father alone was going to be pissed, and your mom could be the biggest drama queen ever. You played out the conversation in your head like a rehearsal until you got to your house.
You walk to the door Tae holding your hand, and Derryck by your side, you felt unstoppable. You walk inside and call your parents down. You: "Mom Dad this is Tae from the Korean group I listen to. Tae gives a traditional Korean greeting to your parents. Dad: "Nice to meet you Tae, y/n what's he doing here?" Mom: "My my aren't you handsome" Tae thanks her and smiles, "what brings a celebrity like yourself here." You take a deep breath look at Derryck then Tae and begin to tell them about what happened at the concert. They were obviously upset at you moving, but Tae was such a sweet smooth talker he was helping calm them down. Tae: "Please Mr. and Mrs. l/n I promise you I will treat your daughter with the up most love and respect. I believe in love at first sight and when I first seen here I didn't want to look away. I knew I needed her by my side." He turns towards you mid monologue and grabs your hands to look into your eyes and said you, "Y/n if your parents allow me to I will make you the happiest woman in the world." Mom: "Tae you really love our y/n after seeing her once. Heh reminds me of you honey" Dad: "Youre right," he grinned, "y/n if it really means this much to you go to Korea with Tae he seems like an outstanding young man." You were overcome with joy, you hugged your family ran upstairs for some weekend clothes and back to Tae. You had agreed that you would visit your new Korean home this weekend then come back with them for an award show and get the rest of your things.
You wait at the airport with your weekend items excited for your future, when you hear a voice from behind you. ??: "HEY Y/N! You're here already?" You turned around to see RapMonster walking towards you with his luggage. You say your hellos but you knew there was an awkwardness with you two. RM: "Before we go to Korea you need to ok now something." You turn to him with your full attention. "Before I know I was rude to you, but there's a reason for it. Tae has been in love before, and I watched him get hurt." You assure RM you have no intention of hurting Tae and he said to you, "Just promise me you'll make him happy, he's my brother and I care a lot for him." You nod your head giving him tour word once again Tae & Jimin: "Y/n!!!!" Tae: "What are you telling her name for she's mine!?" Jimin laughed, "Its going to be so easy to tease you now" You couldn't help but giggle a bit. Tae: "Hey don't take his side! Were supposed to be a team!" You: "Oh yeah!? Well what if I tease you then huh?" You two start running and playing around in the airport. He grabs you from behind and starts twirling you around. You had never felt so happy.
You finally get to board your plane, and luckily Jin was nice enough to give you his seat so you could be next to Tae. The plane ride wasn't too exciting given you were asleep for most of it, but whenever you woke up you seen Taes sweet face. There were moment he was just gazing at you when you woke up, and you just smiled. When you finally landed in Korea you were in awe. You're first time in a different country and it was with Tae. You guys rushed to your new home, and sweet Tae carries you through the door like a newlywed. Tae: "So what do you think of your new home?" You look around, "Tae it's amazing I can't believe I'm here! And with you" You smiled and walked to him grabbing his hand and leading him to the couch. You sit him down and start to kiss him, but you seen something that caught you eyes. Before you could grab it Tae bolts up to take it away. You "Tae what's that," you giggle thinking it's a joke. Tae "Nothing y/n just am old picture." You "Can I see it?" You attempt to steal it but he's faster than you. Tae "Only if you don't over react to it okay?" You slowly become worried. What is with this picture? And why would you overreacte to it? You nod your head and Tae slowly hands you the picture. You smile and turn it over and what you see makes your heart drop.
Oh man what is the picture?! It was rainbows and unicorns up till that ending!!
Ahhhhhhhh.... omg i just had all the feels... I can't wait for the next chapter ... ahhhh 😁😁😁😁
The cLIFF HANGER?!?! you're trying to make me lose my mind, I know it.
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aww I love this chapter the next one is going to be more dramatic argh I can't wait I love drama ❤
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