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Hello, fellow Rick & Martians! It is time for yet another 'Rick & Morty' fan club card!

There's a whole lot of us in the club now - over 50 of us! - so I figured now would be an awesome time for us to do our very first card-making challenge!

How You Play:

1. Create a Vingle card with 'Rick & Morty in 5 Gifs' or something like it in the title.
2. Answer the following 5 questions with a gif that best answers the question. (You can use words to explain the picture further, if you'd like.)
3. Post it in the Funny community. (You can also use the fan club tagging list at the bottom of this post to make sure everyone in the club sees your card!)

Alright, got it? Get it? Ready for the challenge?

I'll start!

Question #1: What was the first episode of 'R&M' you saw?

I watched the pilot on the Adult Swim website. Boring, I know.

Question #2: Who is your favorite 'R&M' character?

Mr. Bulldops. Uh, I mean, Rick. Yeah, Rick is my favorite.

Question #3: What's your favorite R&M episode?

Rick Potion #9 - if only for the part when Jessica does this creepy vole mating dance.

Question #4: Who is your favorite R&M alien?

Fart - if only because Jemaine Clement totally slayed at playing a sinister (albeit musically gifted) fart cloud.

Question #5: What other show (animated or not) would you recommend for R&M fans?

I used to be obsessed with a totally offensive but hilarious 'Sesame Street'-style TV show called 'Wonder Showzen'. I'd recommend it if you appreciate weird crap.

Now it's your turn! I look forward to seeing your cards!

Looks like fun
Yes! Wonder Showzen FTW! I was starting to think that I was the only one who watched this. I actually own both seasons.. So good, yet so bad. On several different levels..