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who sits down in front you? Kwon Ji-yong the man in person is sitting in the seat across from you. "an-an-annyeonghaseyo" you stammer in shock. "annyeonghaseyo I'm G-Dragon" shyly smiling at you and holds out a hand to shake. You shake his hand and give him a small bow. An realize this is a one in a million opportunity. So plastering a smile on your face that you hope isn't creepy. You go for it. "My name is _y/n_ it's an absolute pleasure to met you." " I think the pleasure is mine. To be able to sit down an have a drink with a beautiful woman like you. I'm pretty sure the others are green, cause I spotted you first." "Umm ha-a thanks a-..." you stammer trying to think of anything to talk about. Everything you ever thought of asking him has completely been forgotten. " Would you like a drink?" "YES! that would be great!" " Well they have a full bar and some of the best bartenders, they can make just about any drink you desire." " I don't really drink a lot just a glass of wine or a beer every now and then. Do you have any suggestions?"
" Are you willing to trust me?" GD asks with a are you game expression. " Hmmm" you pretend to ponder the question "that's a hard one but I'll extend my trust this once to see what you have in mind" "Yesss! so sit tight an let me go get the drinks!" oh my god! your actually having a conversation with G-Dragon. Your mega excited and can wait to see what he brings back. Looking over at Dee you see she is having a conversation with Taemin an he's getting up to get them drinks too. " I don't know how you did this but this is Fucking Awesome!" you grab her an give her a hard hug. "Ayee! get off of me. I clearly remember telling you that it was an I "quote" the place to be tonight" "I know, but didn't know WHY it was the place to be cause someone wasn't very talkative." "Ehh it's good to have friends that are serious fans an, has a decent amount of money." she tells you as she brushes off imaginary dust from her shoulder an smiles. "So Taemin sat down with you! You love Taemin. what have you asked him about? What is he bringing you to drink? How long is this event? An-" "Wow slow down! we have time. and games. G-Dragon sat down with you! you should have seen your face!! You would have fallen out of you chair if we weren't on benches. As for my drink I got an Apple martini." shooing you back over she points to GD coming back. He sets down two drinks with a fruit in them. Sliding the slightly pink one towards you. "This one is one of my all time favorites(pic 1) a cransoma. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do." Taking a sip you get a light sweet refreshing tartness unlike anything you've ever had. "Oh wow! this is amazing. How come yours looks clear instead of like mine?" "Haha I uh I enjoy those a bit to much and I would rather enjoy spending time with you so I got a drink I know I'll sip an not guzzle" " What is it?" " oh! sorry a lychee martini"(pic2) Suddenly the lights dim and a spot light is on the maitre D. " You should hopefully by now have gotten some refreshments and a short talk with your partner for this first game." Games? wait a minute Dee said something about games.
"what better way to break the ice then to see who has the best aegyo! Here's how it works the name tag on the table has a number in the corner. That's your group number, you'll will get together with the others in your group to decide on 5 different aegyo before you come on stage to do them. Here's the kicker you only have 3 minutes to decide and pick one couple to do them. " Looking at the card you see number 5 on the top right of the card. Looking up you see staff members with large numbers written on them. GD spots y'all number an drags you over to meet the rest of the group.
Bam Bam, Leo, Aaron, Onew, and their partners are all in your group. The staff member tells you your 3 minutes begins and y'all get to making faces and laughing at each other trying to out do the last person. Who would you vote to go on stag to do aegyo? @Helixx @AimeeH @kpopankimchi @nenegrint14 @thePinkPrincess @VeronicaArtino @TerraToyaSi @Ercurrent @AnniGoodman
@Helixx it's under deniece suit collection
Why can't I find part 1? I went searching for it, but I can't find it. Am I blind? Probably.