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I've decided to play @byeolbit's 12 Days of Kpop Holiday Challenge. If you wanna join in the fun, click here: https://www.vingle.net/posts/1246278-Join-the-12-Days-of-K-pop-Holidays-Challenge
Dec. 14th: You know all those crazy Christmas outfits groups wear? Yeah, I wanna see your favorites. Share them!
So, I'm cheating a little bit here, cause this is not an outfit, but I choose...
The goose from IU's "You&I" music video. He's got a handkerchief on... that counts as a costume, right?
He's just so cute, and I love that she takes him with her in the time machine. You may not see any connection to Christmas/holidays, but it's snowing in the video, and that means Holidays to me.
omg hahahahhahaha this is genius!!! I do love that outfit :)
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omg you're crafty hahahah now this song will be stuck in my head foreverRRRrrRrRrrRrrrrr
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