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We haven't had a NBA challenge in awhile, so here is one for my basketball fans!

The Golden State Warriors finally lost their first game of the season last Saturday against the Milwaukee Bucks! Well, they are still on the right track to beat the 95/96 Chicago Bulls season record of 72-10. So, can they bounce back from their first loss of the season and win this one?

The Golden State Warriors will face the Phoenix Suns this Wednesday 10:30 ET.

Here is the official challenge ------>

Who do you think will win this game: the Warriors or the Suns?

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What do my basketball fans think?

Nah it's not that I want the Warriors to lose, I want the Suns to win
I believe the Warriors will be back on top
The difference here is the Bucks actually have a decent squad. Phoenix... ehhhhhhh....
Yup yup 馃憤
@sanRico It seems like a pretty obvious choice right now haha
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