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Sorry sorry everyone I've been seriously slacking off and I apologize. This supposed to be up a while ago, I've just being feeling really 'meh' lately y'know? Anyway here's The Café story time route. Story is in 2 parts and 2 endings the JOKER Detour and the Regular. All parts are labeled. I hope y'all enjoy and let me know what you thought of it!

Pt. 1 Meeting Your Lover

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! a shrill alarm breaks the silence of your bedroom, jolting you awake. "Argh!" you groan slapping at the offending clock. "I'm up stop your beeping." Getting out of bed you go about your morning routine then get ready for work. Taking the bus with all the other poor souls going to work, you gaze out the window thinking about the day to come. 'I hope it isn't too crazy today even though it's comeback season.' The café where you work is always busy thanks to it's great location central to all the various entertainment companies. But it always got busier around lunch when there was a better chance at seeing some idols in the café. It was a popular lunch spot with idols because of the strict no cameras/photos policy and one way windows which allowed light in and you to see out but from the street you couldn't see inside. It was also against policy to disturb other patrons so no autographs were allowed either. It was a fairly upscale and even months later you were still amazed you passed the screening process and hired. Not that you're crazy or anything but you are a fan of many idol groups. Getting off at your spot you walk the last block or so to the café. "Annyeonghaseyo!" you greet your boss and co-workers when you arrive and start helping prepare for the day. Lunch Rush Ugh so busy. You were just about to take your break when Min Young, your friend who was a hostess, seats three incredibly hot guys at one of your tables. "Min Young!" you hiss at her "I was just about to go on break! I'm dying here." "Your WELCOME!" she hisses back through her teeth, smile still in place. Turning back to face the guys now seated at the table "This is {Y/N} she'll be taking care of you today. Enjoy!" With that she walks away with an evil grin for you. 'I'm going to kill her later just watch me.' you think while taking their drink orders. Fixing the drinks you covertly study them chatting at the table. They look so familiar but you can't remember exactly who they are. They have to be idols from the looks they're getting. You weren't the only one staring. But you can't imagine they're in the same group though. 'Too different, their images don't mesh at all.' you mull it over as you head back to them. "Are we ready to order?" you ask politely, distributing the drinks. "Yes. We're ready." comes quietly from the one with a more serious look about him. "Alrighty! What'll ya'll have?" you hear come out of your mouth with horror, immediately feeling your face flame you want to die. 'What am I saying?! They're going to think I'm some stupid girl from the country!' face scarlet now you try to recover quickly. "I'm sorry! I meant what can I get for you?" But they're already laughing. 'Where's a hole in the ground when you need one..' you think miserably. "Ah hahaha! What was that?!" the one with the tough guy look asks wiping his eyes. "Leave her alone, I thought it was cute." comes from the one that's too hot for his own good still chuckling. " I didn't say she wasn't cute she's adorable but you have to admit that was funny." tough guy says smiling at you now. "Yes it was funny and yes she's cute but can we order now? Some of are actually hungry." the serious one says surprising us all. The other two look at him as I grab the distraction. "Yes! What can I get you?" taking their orders you escape. The rest of lunch passes without incident and you drop off the bill on your way to another table with a smile, thanking them for coming in. When you return to the table it's empty. They're gone. 'What?' confused you look up and see them at the front, all of them smiling at you before leaving. Now your even more confused. You open the check holder to find they paid cash and left the receipt with a note on it. 'You're really cute and I'd love to get to know you better. Call me when you get off and we can have dinner.' XXX-XXXX (screenshot 1) Your heart is pounding as now you finally remember who they were. (__) from (--), (__) from (--), and (screenshot 1) from (--) who left you the note!

Pt. 2 Trouble In Paradise

*SIGH* 'I can't believe that happened today at work.' It's been hours now but you're still thinking about it on your way home. Some guys just can't read the signs when a girl isn't interested. 'I guess it's too much for some idols to believe not every girl is going to fall at their feet in love with them.' Shaking your head you get off the bus and head into your apartment. At least your boyfriend (screenshot 1) should be here already. It's been two weeks since you've seen each other. He's been so busy promoting with his group there just hasn't been time to get together for dates. 'But he's back now!' you think excitedly 'plus I brought his favorite form the café.' holding up the bag of food you smile. "I'm home!" you call out, putting down the bag and then putting away your things. "{Y/N}!" (screenshot 1) hugs you from behind "I've missed you Jagiya." he says squeezing you playfully. Giggling "I've missed you too oppa!" you exclaim. "Ok! Ok! Let me go change clothes then we can eat yea?" you ask still laughing as you pull out of his arms and go into your room. You can hear him digging through the bag. "What did you bring me?" He inquires curiously. A few minutes later, changed, you enter the room again but it's completely silent now. "(screenshot 1) what's wrong?" you ask him. He's staring at a piece of paper with an angry disbelieving look on his face. "What's this?" He demands furiously showing me the paper "Are you cheating on me with (screenshot 2)?!" 'Oh no..' you didn't have to read it again to know what he's talking about. 'Call me later beautiful. We'll go out just you and me and have some fun.' XXX-XXXX (screenshot 2) 'Damn it! Why did I even keep that note to show Min Young? This looks so bad..' your thinking when (screenshot 1) breaks into your thoughts with another angry outburst. "Heol~ You aren't even going to try to deny it?" the look he's giving you makes you sick. "What? No! Of course I'm not cheating on you! How could you even think that?!" you're starting to get just as angry as him. 'He apparently doesn't trust me too much if that's what he immediately thinks of.' you fume to yourself. "I kept it to show to Min Young tomorrow. She was out sick today." But (screenshot 1) doesn't want to hear any of it. "How convenient that she's not here to say differently." he snaps walking around you to grab his coat and leave. Panicking, you snatch your cell off the table and run after him to the door. "Wait! Please (screenshot 1), you want to leave fine go." you plead tears in your eyes "But I won't be called a cheater when I didn't do anything like that. Pull up Min Young's messages and you'll see I'm not lying. I'm not a cheater." you shove the phone at him and go to your bedroom and fall on the bed crying. What feels like an eternity later you feel the bed dip by your hip and a hand stroke down your back. "{Y/N}~ah" (screenshot 1) calls your name gently. "Jagiya~" he pushes your hair back from your face. "I'm so sorry Jagiya. I've missed you so much and I just got so jealous thinking of you with someone else. I couldn't control myself." Coaxing you to sit up, he places his hands on your cheeks making you look at him. "Can you forgive me?" "You don't trust me.. You didn't even doubt that I didn't cheat.." you sniff still crying. "I'm an idiot that doesn't deserve you. I'm sorry {Y/N}. I'll never doubt you again." he says wiping away your tears with his thumbs. "Promise?" you pout. "I promise. I swear and if I do you can beat me up." he says to get a small laugh from you. "Can you forgive me? Jaebal jagiya?" (screenshot 1) asks staring at you with puppy eyes. "Next time I'll kick your ass oppa and I won't forgive you." you tells him rolling yours. "Is that a yes you forgive me and aren't kicking me out tonight?" he cajoles hopefully. At your nodded 'yes' (screenshot 1) kisses your forehead hugging you and all is forgiven.

Pt. 3 Lasting Love **JOKER DETOUR**

'Can today be over yet?' you think tiredly. It was just one of those days. Nothing went right. First you overslept and were late to work, next a customer yelled at you over something stupid, the cherry on top.. you broke a tray full of dishes. 'It can't get any worse right?' you wonder. Thankfully you only have 15 minutes left before going home. (screenshot 1) is coming to pick you up today and you plan on just going home snuggling up on the couch with him and forget this day ever happened. With that you start to cheer up. "{Y/N}?" It's Min Young calling me. "Yes?" "Um, there's a guy up front that wants to talk to you." she looks uncomfortable. "A guy?" you echo checking the time frowning 'It can't be (screenshot 1) yet..' "Who is it Min Young do you know?" "Uh.. It's your ex. (screenshot 2)." she admits. Your shoulders slump 'Why me? Why today?' Your ex is back and you do NOT want to talk to him. Especially on a day like today. "Please tell him to go away. I can't deal with him right now." you beg Min Young. "Alright. But you know he'll just come back again until you finally talk to him." she agrees with a sympathetic smile before walking away. 'I know but if I do it'll ruin my evening too and I can't do that to (screenshot 1).' you think. 15 minutes later you get a text [I'm outside! Let's go home jagiya!] [Coming! ^^] Walking out the doors your so focused on getting to (screenshot 1)'s waiting car you don't see (screenshot 2) push away from the wall and grab your arm, turning you to face him. "{Y/N} can we please talk? You can't avoid me forever." (screenshot 2) implores you. "Let go, I don't have time for this and I have nothing to say to you. It's over, been over, so just forget it." you retort frustrated, trying to pull away from his hold. "Yah! Niga Mwonde?! Get your hands off her!" (screenshot 1) shouts shoving (screenshot 2) back. "Ah!" But (screenshot 2) doesn't let go and you end up getting dragged out into the street with them. "Who're you to try to tell me what to do?! This is between me and her, doesn't concern you so run along." (screenshot 2) returns angry, his grip tightening painfully on your arm. "Ow! That hurts, let go!" you cry hitting at his hand holding you. Hearing you say that makes your boyfriend even angrier. "She's my girlfriend now and she obviously doesn't want to talk to you, so fuck off!" he yells and punches (screenshot 2) sending him reeling backward. It also sends you stumbling further out into traffic when (screenshot 2) releases you as he falls causing cars to swerve and screeching tires. "{Y/N}!! NO!!" I hear (screenshot 1) scream for me right before impact than nothing. "Jaebal! Jaebal jagiya!" (screenshot 1) sobs into your hair gathering you close as sirens blare and EMTs surround you "나랑 같이 있어. 너없이 못 살아." (stay with me. I can't live without you) but too late. You're already gone.. *I'm sorry I had to kill you.. Please don't hate me.. :( Sooo.. what did y'all think? Was it ok? Sorry the Joker Detour was longer than the regular ending but I felt bad for having to kill you guys off.. sorry I'm evil. Even my sister said I was evil for that twist.. I hope you enjoyed it anyway, let me know!!

Pt. 3 Lasting Love *Regular ending*

'Ugh. This day just needs to end already.' you think tiredly to yourself spending you last 15 minutes at work cleaning up. So much went wrong today. You know exactly why too. Next week is you and (screenshot 1)'s 6 month anniversary but he was going to be gone with his group for promotions. You'd been in a funk since you found out. It shouldn't have been that big a deal either. But they'd been so busy you'd rarely seen each other all month, and you were missing him a lot. "No!" you say aloud "I can't ruin the last night before he leaves being gloomy." So to cheer yourself up you hum one of his songs. "{Y/N}! Ready to go?" you hear (screenshot 1) behind you, surprising you. "(screenshot 1) what're you doing here!?" you squeal hugging him tight. Laughing he says "Surprising you. Guess it worked, huh?" smiling he squeezes you too. "Let's go {Y/N}." pulling you out the door and into the car after you collect your things. "Where are we going?" you ask curiously. "Your place." he answers simply with a smile. "Oh.. ok." you're a little disappointed but try to look at the bright side. At least you'll have him all to yourself then. When you get to your apartment he covers your eyes with his hands making you laugh. "(screenshot 1) what are you doing?" "You'll see~" he sing-songs walking you forward through the door and into your apartment. Uncovering your eyes he kisses you and says "Happy Anniversary. I love you so much jagiya." and kisses you again. After you stop crying, you see that he'd set-up the most romantic candle-lit dinner just for you. Turning to find him watching you, you give a him another long kiss telling him "Happy Anniversary (screenshot 1). I love you so much too. Thank you!" -FIN- *Did you guys enjoy it? was it bad? Let me know what you thought please!*
@Jiyongixoxo 😂 I'm sorry! I have a evil streak that I can't control sometimes. You can just pretend you got the happy ending!
well then lol XD that ending tho
It was very lovely!
@KellyOConnor lol I loved the story though those stupid guys just had to fight over me in the middle of the street😂😂😂I'll go with what you said and just pretend it ended well
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