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anyone else tought this was going to happen?
They say Inkigayo is a little harder to win than regular award shows ( The show ) for example in wich Bts won last week for the song "Run" Has a lot more to do with you tube views and such. plus everyone here loves Psy and even tho voting is open in U.S there is not much to count from U.S fans! uhhh I really wish they won! Psy is kpop too... and the eldest of all =D
When I watched this I was happy that he mentioned BTS and congratulating them!
I personally love the Psy song Daddy. Its much catchier and poppish than Run (I like it, but not as much).
@FueledbyKass it's fun just like all the psy songs! I love it too but I feel kpop community hates him sometimes. I enjoyed his performance
@FueledbyKass yeah it was. you should watch the one from this week at kinkigayo sbs it was great. the one from ^^^^
I loved his performance at the MAMA 2015. It was top notch for me.