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Here is my story. @Kellyoconnor @Deniseiagardner WARNING: HAS SEX SCENE MINORS BEWARE!
As I sit in a café near my house. I look down while I sipping my hot coffee. Today is a rainy day. My mood is already darken from the weather. I glance up as someone places a pastry on my table. "Hello, I am Nichkhun." "Hello, I am y/n." I smile at him briefly. He pushes the plate with the heavenly smelling pastry in front of me. "For you." he smiles at me. "Well, thank you." I take a bite. It taste just as good as it smells. "Wow, yummy." I tell him. Where he is waiting with eager eyes. "So, do you come here every morning?" I ask him. "Yes, I do." "I work down the street." he replies to me. "Oh, you mean at the JYP Building?" I ask him. "Yes, that is correct." he replies. "Even though I am a foreigner I know who you are." I smile toward him. "Oh, really are you a fan?" "What if I say I am?" I like to teasing him a bit. He smiles then looks around. "Hey Y/N I can't stay long." "May I have your number?" I look up at him and smile. "Never on a first encounter." "If you want my number then you will have to run into me again." I finish my drink and hot coffee. I get up and walk towards the door. "Thank you for the pastry." "Oh, I do hope I get to see you again." I left with that as I head into the rain. I was running late to my job.
As I run to my work building. I hear someone call out my name. "Y/n your late again." I look over and it's Kim Jong Kook. "Jung kook oppa, good morning." I bow politely. He smiles and hold the door open for us. I work in SBS building with the show Running Man. "Are you ready for today's show?" I ask him. "I am always ready." he replies. "How about you try not to get hurt or hurt others today, huh?" I ask him. "I will try", was his response. I roll my eyes and think fat chance. "Have you already eaten, He asks me?" "Yes, I have thank you Oppa." We make it up to the 10th floor. I see the other member of Running man. I run up and bow to each one. Saying my hello's to them all. everyone response nicely back to me. "Unnie, you look great today." I say to Song Ji Hyo. "Thank you she says to me." We stand and talk for a while. when I see her eyes shift to look at something behind me. "Y/N, what is your relationship with Jong kook oppa?" She bluntly asks me. "Friends", I say. "Why, unnie?" I ask her. "Oh nothing", she smile and looks back over at me. As the other workers are getting ready to shoot. Unnie leans in and asks me, "Who are our guests today?" I reply, I don't have any idea." "We both laugh together." It is almost time to start filming so I move back to my spot behind all the cameras. They introduce their new guests for this week. "It's idol week, let's see who all is on today, Jae Suk oppa talks to the camera." Wow, I think to myself. I wonder who is here. I look at the door they are going to come out of. First one out was Chenyeol from Exo. Next was G- Dragon from Big bang. Then Comes out Rap monster from Bts. After him is Cl from 2ne1. I smile ohh I love her. When the next guy comes out it's Nichkhun from 2pm. "Crap!" I tired to hide. Too late he has already spotted me. I smile at all the guests. We are coming to the 2nd half the show which is the tag elimination. Jung kook oppa comes up to me while they are changing the film out. "y/n who should I I take out first?" Teasing with me. "Whoever you feel is the biggest threat." I smile at him. "Fighting." I tell him. Jung kook oppa starts laughing at the face I make. "Y/n you work here." Jong kook oppa looks at Nichkhun then back to me. "You know Nichkhun?" he asks me. "I met him this morning for the first time. I smile at Nichkhun. "To answer your question." "Yes, I work here." I see Jong kook oppa eyeing us as we laugh with each other. "Unnie, I say as I walk over to Song Ji Hyo." "Are you ready for the big fight?" I ask her. She laughs and says "Yes, I am ready." I give her a high five. Jong kook oppa comes back over to me. "Y/N want to have dinner together after filming." "Sure, I respond. The members get ready for the last portion of the show. I smile and watch as each member gets eliminated by Jong kook oppa. It is only Cl, Nichkhun, Jong kook oppa, and unnie. I see Cl sneaking to attach Jong kook oppa. All excited in the moment I screeched. Jung kook oppa turns around just in time to catch Cl in her act. He pulls her to unnie to ripe her name tag off. He is such a gentleman to the ladies. I think to myself. Out of nowhere Nichkhun jumps out and rips unnie's name tag off. "Oh man", I say silently. It's Jong kook oppa against Nichkhun. I laugh at the odds of Nichkhun actually winning. They walk in circles a couple times, before they start lunging at each other. Nichkhun says something to Jong kook oppa. "What did he say, I hear everyone asking around." No one else heard. All I know it enrages Jung kook oppa. Within a second Nichkhun was on the ground. Jung kook oppa had his name tag in his hand. I quietly clapped for his victory. After the filming was done Jung kook oppa comes up to me. "Y/N you ready?" "Yes," I respond. Nichkhun walks up to us. "Y/N, can I get your number now?" "Since it's our second time meeting?" "Sure, I write down my number and hand it to me." Jong kook oppa looks upset. "What's wrong I ask him." "Nothing", he says.
As we leave the SBS building. I can tell Jong kook oppa is upset about something. "Oppa, What's wrong?" I ask him. He goes to say something then stops. We climb into his van. As soon as we are off, Jung kook oppa looks over at me. "Y/N can you please not give other guys your number in front of me?" I was shocked. "Why?" I ask him. "You know I like you." he starts to blush. I smile at him then grabs his hand. "I like you too." I confess back to him. He glances back into my eyes. "If you like me, then why did you give Nichkhun your number?" "I didn't!" I say. "I saw you, you gave it to him right in front of me." "Oppa, I gave him your number." I smile towards him. Jong kook oppa is turning even more red. I place my hands on his cheeks. He glances in my eyes. "There you go oppa." "Don't ever look away from me." I quickly peak him on the lips. Jong Kook oppa blinks his eyes in disbelief of what just happened. "Y/N, did you just kiss me?" "Oh yes", I say as I feel my skin getting hotter from my sudden embarrassment. I pull my hands off his cheeks and turn to look out the window. "I'm sorry it was to sudden, huh?" "It's just I have wanted to kiss you for so long." After I say that Oppa swings me around and kisses my lips hard. My heart is racing as the kiss is finished. I sit back and try to think about what happened. "Y/N, will you be my girlfriends?" oppa asks me. 'Yes!" I scream. He starts laughing at my reaction. We are hand in hand as we reach the restaurant.
After dinner was done. Jong kook oppa takes me home. I look at Jong kook oppa. "Oppa, I turn to him." With my door right behind me. "Yes Y/N" He answers. "Would you like to come in for a drink?" He looks down and starts blushing again. He doesn't say a word. "Ok, I will see you at work tomorrow then." I say. "Wait Y/N, one drink won't kill us." I smile as I unlock the door to my apartment. I show him around and lead him to the couch. "Wait here, I will get us some drinks." I hurry and run into the kitchen. I quickly get a couple of glasses and a bottle of wine. Before walking back into the tiger layer. I take a couple deep breaths. "Is wine ok?" I ask. Jung kook was passed out on my sofa. "Oh". I say quietly. I go but the wine back quickly. Poor oppa is tired from filming today. I shouldn't have pushed him. I go into my bedroom and grab a blanket and pillow. As I reach the coach I lift Jong kook oppa's head. As I do his eyes open. "Oh, I am sorry for waking you." I say. "I just wanted to make you comfortable." He smiles and sits up. "Thank you Y/N." "It isn't necessary though." "Are you sure?" I ask him. "I will be just fine." he states. "Where is the drinks?" "I put them away cause you were sleeping." I tell him. he then grabs my hand and pull me down on the sofa beside him. "I am sorry, Y/N." "I didn't mean to fall asleep on our date." "Oppa, it's ok." "You worked so hard today." With that comment his lips were on mine. Taken back from his sudden movement. "Oppa, I know we just started dating, but I have been in love with you since first site 2 years ago." Jong kook leans back and smiles. "Since the trip to Australia?" he asked. "How did you know?" I ask him. "Well that was the time, I fell in love with you as well." I smile, on the beach we both say." My heart is racing and my skin wants more contact. I look Oppa in the eyes as I climb onto his lap. I place my lips on his as I pull his hair back with my hand. My sudden movements leave Oppa motionless. I lean back as I speak to him. "am I moving too fast?" I ask him. "Are you sure, Y/N?" He asks me. I shake my head up and down. He lifts me up and carries me to my bedroom. I place my lips on his neck as we walk into my room. He lays me down on the bed. I look up at him as he removes his shirt.
I look up at him and trace my fingers over his chest. I lean up and place my lips on his body. I hear him moan as I place a trail of kisses up his body. "Y/n, I need you now." I look him deep in the eyes. "Then take me." I smile up at him. With that said, Oppa goes on a love making rampage. The next morning, I am awaken by Oppa. "Y/N, I made us some breakfast." "You need to get up or we are going to be late for work." he whispers in my ear. I smile and place a kiss on his cheek. "Good morning oppa." "Y/n I love hearing you say that." I smile and sit up. I look at the clock. "Oh my God!" "I am late." I shout. I jump up and get ready. I hurry and eat our breakfast. We run out the door. I kiss his cheek while in the elevator. Oppa's van is in front. We both climb in. His manager is eyeing me. "You better keep your eyes on the road." Jong kook oppa yells at him. I jump from the harshness of his voice. "Y/N, I am going to be gone for a week." "I leave tonight after we film." "Oh, okay." "Where you heading to?" "To Japan then America for some concerts." "Oh, sounds like fun." "Enjoy!" I tell him. We pull up in front of the SBS building. I jump out quickly. Before anyone can see. I run in and take the stairs up to the 10th floor. I am completely out of breath by the time I get to my work station. I see Jun Jin come out of our managers office. I stand and bow to him.
"Hello, I am Y/N." "I am Park Choong-Jae. "JunJin is my stage name." "I know I confessed. "You are really pretty." He tells me. "Thank you." I say back. We are having some small talk as Unnie comes up. "Hello Y/N, Are you ready for today show." "yes I am unnie." I smile and bow to both as I leave them. I head downstairs for us to leave for a different filming spot. We get to the beach for there first game. JunJin is a the main guest today. I smile as he waves at him. Oppa gives me a cold look. I look away quickly. Jong kook oppa walks towards me. "Y/N are you all set to work?" I can see he is upset, but I ignore it. He must trust me. As there game starts the other members go against each other. Wouldn't you know last match is Jong kook oppa and JunJin. "Oh boy, I whisper." To irritate Oppa JunJin pulls his shoulder out of his shirt. Everyone laughs at his sudden movement. I look away afraid what was going to happen next. Not even a second later, everyone is bursting out laughing. JunJin didn't last 2 seconds against Oppa. I smile at Oppa. He looks away. "What in the world, I think to myself." JunJin can see the coldness that is being casted on me. He walks over and starts up talking as I am working. "Y/N you shouldn't put up with that." he says. "Excuse me?" I ask him. pretending like I don't hear him. A tear slides down my cheek as Oppa is talking to his ex girlfriend that is on our show this week episode. JunJin leans in and whispers in my ear. "I heard they are going on a trip to Japan and America. I look up suddenly. "What?" I scream. Everyone looks over at me. His ex starts laughing at me. I am embarrassed. I turn around and leave the site. In tears I sit at the bus stop. "Y/n are you ok?" I look up and its Unnie. "Oh, I am fine." " I just got some sad news from back home." I lie to her. "Is everything ok?" she asks. "Yes, It will be." I get a text message I look down and see a number I don't recognize. I open to a picture of Jong kook oppa and his ex. They are kissing! This must be an old picture. They are wearing the same outfits and the beach is behind them. Angry I storm back over where everyone was standing. They are changing out the film. I look over at Jong kook oppa. I shake my head. I then forward the picture. Right after I do. I see him open it. His mouth drops and quickly look at me. He starts to walk towards me. I run up to JunJin and grab his face and kiss him quickly. Everyone gasps in horror in my sudden movement. I turn around and tell the director I am sorry, but I quit. I run to the road to grab a taxi home. I can hear Jung kook oppa yelling after me. I ignore him. I finally get a taxi to stop. As I go to get in Jong kook grabs me. "Why did you kiss JunJin?" He asks me. "Let go of me." "Go back and sneak around with your ex." I say to him coldly. "Y/n let me explain." "No, I don't need to hear any lies or excuses." I glare at him. "Oppa, I know you are leaving with her tonight." With that being said I brush his hand off of me. I climb in the cab. I lock the door and ask the driver to take me home.
As I enter my home I get another text from that unknown number. "Sorry, but you had a right to know." "I know your heart is broken." "Call me if you need someone, JunJin." I look in shock as I see the senders name. "It was him." I utter in shock. I text back "Okay." After a week of looking for a new job and being heartbroken. I sit in my apartment. I hear my doorbell. I think who would be coming to see me. "I look at the camera." "It's Unnie." I press the open button. She walks in and asks, "how I have been?" I start crying. "Unnie, My heart hurts so much!" "Why did he have to kiss his ex?" She looks at me. "Y/N is that why you kissed JunJin? "Yes, I admit to her." She shakes her head at me. "What?" I ask. "Y/N, Jong Kook was forced to kiss her. "He didn't want to!" "He only did it quickly while you stepped off set." "I watched the whole scene." I start to curse JunJin under my breath! "What are you saying, Y/N? "I tell her what JunJin did." She gasp. "Y/n you need to make it right." "Jong kook isn't wanting to be on Running Man anymore." I look at her. "Are you kidding me?" I ask her. "He is mad at the director for making him do that scene and losing his girl friend." "I am sorry, Unnie." I run out of my apartment. I head to the airport. I try call him. No, answer. I keep trying. Finally, "Hello." "Where are you?" I ask. "Who is this?" "It's Y/N!" "Where are you I yell." "I am at home." I yell for the driver to turn around. "Go to the address please." "Jong kook I am on my way." "We need to talk I tell him." "Ok, he says before hanging up."
"Oh no, am I too late?" We pull up to his place. I jump out and head in the building.
I reach his door. I ring the doorbell. No answer! I start banging on the door. Finally I try the pass code. I try his birthday, mom's birthday, and his dads birthday. "It can't be I type mine in. Beep it's open. I start tearing up. I go running in every room. No sign of him. I check his bedroom last. There he is laying on the bed. "Oppa." I run over and try to wake him up. "What do you want?" His breath smells like he had been drinking. "Oppa, have you been drinking?" I ask him. "Yes, I need to drink away my feelings." "You are just a dream I am holding on to." I look at him confused. "You think I am a dream?" I ask him. "I know you are," he states back to me. I smile down at him. "If It was a dream could you feel this?" I traced my hand down his face. "Yes, I would be able to." he replies. I sit him up. "How about this?" I lean in a kiss him lightly on lips. "Yes, that can also happen in a dream." Rolling my eyes, I say what can I do to make you believe I am really here?" The thought hits me. I look at him. I then move fast. I start kissing him deeply. Our tongues are intertwining together. I glide my hands up his chest and start to remove his shirt. Jong kook stops me. "Y/N you are really here?" "Yes!" I am here. "Oppa, I am here." "Oppa, I am sorry." "I shouldn't have kissed him." "I was acting childish." "Please tell me I am not to late for your love. "I will always love you, Y/N!" I smile as he twist me down on the bed. He leans over me. I smile up at him. "Oppa, I love you!" "You are the only one I want. With that said Jong Kook gave me a night of making up.
@KellyOConnor i know right!
Jun Jin! How could he?! really liked it!