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It's time to step out of your comfort zone.

I'm always down for a good challenge and when I stumbled across this specific challenge I couldn't resist. As an avid wearer of lipstick, I figured this would be rather easy for myself, but I wanted to share the excitement and see if some of my favorite beauty lovers wanted to join in on the fun. Wearing lipstick can be rather intimidating and sometimes even scary, especially if it's not the norm for you. You might question the way you look and if a specific color is even right for you. Contrary to popular belief, a true beauty guru knows that any woman can pull of any color despite her complexion.
The 7-Day Lipstick Challenge curated by Marie Claire is an opportunity for women to learn to be confident and embrace their beauty through various colors. It's normal for women to stray away from color, but a pop of color is your friend. Since we already happen to be well into the week, this challenge will take place beginning next Monday and will run until the last Sunday of the year. Talk about perfect timing. With that being said, put your fears to the side, pucker up and get ready to have some fun. You can share your journey via the hashtag #MClipstickchallenge. Keep scrolling to see what's in store for your color filled week below.

Are you up for the challenge?

Yes! I'm glad you ladies are down to participate @danidee. You should be good though @ButterlfyBlu because we won't officially begin until next Monday. And I'm very confident when it comes to my lipstick game. I love lipstick. So I am very excited to wear each & every color. No worries at all 馃
@ButterflyBlu I can't take myself seriously in hot pink lipstick. I tried MAC's Girl About Town color once, and I'd always feel really self-conscious when I'd go out wearing it. I think the only time I really would put it on is if I was going to a club or a live concert.
I'm game, ladies!! We are performing The Nutcracker this week... So, compromise! On stage, I must have the stage makeups! But off, I will do the challenge. Are there any colors that you are particularly worried about, @danidee @jordanhamilton ?