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so yesterday, December 14 it was announced that khj took the DNA test to see if the baby is actually his...and as i was reading the comments i realized he has a lpt of fans who still support and love him...however there are also mamy mamy people that don't believe him anymore and are convinced he is guilty. Honestly this made me sooo mad because there was specifically one comment that said-- fans only like him because of his looks and are ignoring that fact that he beat his ex girlfriend. IS THAT EVEN SOMETHING SOMEONE WOULD SAY?!? Ok, yes I like him because of his looks but besides that he has proven millions of times that he is a good guy and super generous, yes he made a mistake but he admitted it...he decided to face us all rather than run from the truth. so peeple need to start thinking about the good actions he does. i dont understand how people will start believing his ex just cuzahe presented "evidence" such as "exchanged messages" . so please suppprt our oppa! lets show him we still love him!!
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@CheyenneJessee on koreaboo or just search it up
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Couldn't have said it better
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@JazmnMThis 😌😌😌
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100% believe kim hyun joong
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@Mayraruiz omg thank you so much for your support! im sure he would be very grateful that he still has people that believe and support him no matter what happens 😌
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