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Applying to colleges can be both exciting and scary.

As for Carson-Newman University in Tennessee, applying for college is a privilege that only a small number of people would actually deserve according to the university. You can apply, but more than likely you won't get in. Pretty much every college has specifics that they look for when admitting in students, but Carson-Newman takes admissions to an entirely different level. Think of a university that denies you because of your sexual orientation, past medical history or the fact that you're no longer a virgin and there you have Carson-Newman. The one university that has the capability of turning a student with a 4.0 GPA away because of the fact that they are no longer a virgin, they've had an abortion or because of their sexual orientation [gay and transgender students]. Yes, you read that correctly and it's absolutely absurd. As a Christian university you would think they would welcome everyone with open arms because that's the right thing to do, right?
Well, no. Local 8 News caught up with the President of the university, Dr. Randall O'Brien, and he spoke on being asked to be exempt from Title IX [a comprehensive federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any federally funded education program or activity] saying, "This is who we are, our religious principles, and in a changing world we want to reaffirm who we are and intend to be," O'Brien told Local 8 of the school's Christian values. He also said the idea to file the waiver was not his, but that he was advised by an attorney to do so as it would "further make us a Christian school" and that he doesn't "know why something would be necessary but since he's counsel I felt we'd follow the template." As surprising as it sounds, this is not the first university asking for such nonsense, "the Department of Education has granted Title IX exemption to 27 religious colleges in the South or West since 2014. There have been 36 total requests." Talk about discrimination at an all time high.
Absolutely. Some people... 馃槱馃槱馃槱 @jordanhamilton
I totally agree!!! When I read this I was so pissed. The world is so ridiculous. Well some people @AlloBaber
WTFFFFFF this is SO upsetting!!! It should be absolutely no one's prerogative to deny someone access to education based on whether or not they're a virgin. I'm so sick of people judging people based on something as trivial as sex 鈥撀爓hether they've had it, who they like to have it with, etc. etc.
MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY!!!!!! It's crazy, smh @nicolejb
It gives a bad name to the religion too. Like christianity preaches love, not discrimination! :( @jordanhamilton
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