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(i can't english well. sorry) so... what is happy? or we are happy? happy is money,relationship,honor? i don't know. i want to answer,please tell for me
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I think happiness is more about setting your own goals, and reaching them your own way. you decide what you want. then, you get it and you're happy. people say you need money and respect and honor... But if happiness to you is living in a cabin away from the city, without a job or career, then copying everyone else will only make you miserable. happiness is the freedom to do what makes you happy. no one can answer that for you.
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happiness is ...what you want it to be...only to you do you know what happiness is. I liking it to relief from our fears.
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personally, my happiness is greatest when I have found a nice middle ground between the things and ideas that I love and the people that I love
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