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Shindong twitter update
데이트!!! 오늘 저녁은 방칼(방이샤브칼국수) 왔다요!!! 물에담근거는 별루 안조아하는데 여기 갑은 마지막 볶음밥" 짱이야!!!!! 이따 볶음밥 사진 투척 하겠음!!!^^ Date!!! Came to eat Bangkal (Shabu Kalguksu) for dinner today!!! I don't really like things that are soaked in the water but the last fried rice here" is the best!!!!! I will put up a picture of the fried rice later!!!^^ (10 hours ago) @AllRiseSilver 지금 올릴껀데!!! 왜왜왜!! 안달라게 할라했꺼던!!! 왜왜왜!! ㅋㅋㅋ 맛잇겟디?? 너가 정말 조아할맛이야!!!! 최강임!! @AllRiseSilver's it for now earn! Why can not! Have Hala Lagarrigue kkeodeon fret! Why can not! Blah blah matit getdi? You really Joa's to taste! Ultimate is! (5 hours ago)