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Nalu fans, I have a plot twist for you
what I say won't make sense for those that don't read the manga and I won't spoil anything. Even though we have 4 other suspects, what if Natsu was the one who killed Layla Heartfilia?
and how would Lucy react?
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she would forgive him. if anything, it would be like when Juvia killed Gray's dad. maybe she's not even dead to begin with. she could've just faked her death. idk Mashima always has some kind of weird plot twists when he wants to freak out the manga readers
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Yay! 馃惏Nali Team: 鉁奍NFILTRATE!
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No no no no no stop
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oh wow.... I haven't read the manga yet, but now I think I may start tonight... yikes
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