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All females please read
I wish it was me who had said this, but know I don't take credit for other people's things. Thus, why I screen shotted this. Please. Let me know what you think. Id love discussing this with all of you.
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0.0 that is quite the time. The last time I wrote was...yesterday
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I tried getting back into it over the summer and I even wrote a few short stories here and that was like nerve wracking lol I'd never let anybody read my stuff before so I was shaking lol
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I agree with your perspective @KiraHitomi but when it comes to big government and political decisions, I think it can be really helpful to think about the majority of people in trouble... if that makes sense. I'm never going to tell someone their struggle is worse than mine, but I will try to help the most people I can by looking for a large group that is struggling the most... if that makes sense:)
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Their penises being mutilated at birth doesn't count because they don't even remember it. Womens vaginas gets mutilated every month
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people say that woman are worse to be friends with because they don't hit they mentally and emotionally bully you but men do the same thing, but in the same sense so a man sleeps around allot he is considered a player and is a cool person, now if a girl were to do that she is labeled a slut and everyone steers clear of her and judges and makes more rumors of her, now that's unfair to the woman. now let's look at being a disgusting pig shall we? (sorry for ranting) if a man says he doesn't want to go out with a girl because she isn't his type or she is to tall or to "big" for him he is branded as a disgusting pig that is a jerk and judged imensely for it. now a woman can do the same thing and others will say ya you go girl show them whis in charge shoe them your independent and don't deserve you maybe he should lose weight etc. in that concept of examples who is being treated unfairly? yes the man, now for being a pervert a guy can say wow she has a smoking hot body and he is labeled as a pervert and disgusting not caring for anything besides looks but if a woman were to say the same thing people would either agree or disagree but nothing about being a pervert would be said. once again the man is being treated unfairly, but we as human beings are always going to place labels on others so if one person complains about it they are a hipacrit(spelled that wrong don't know how to) so we can go on and on about how one gender is treated unfairly and a good 80% will say woman are treated worse than men but in my opinion it's the other way around, like said in the card itself a man van be sexually abused and it doesn't attract hardly any attention but it will still attract some, now if a man is being sexually harassed in the office who cares? really no one except that man. once again sorry for ranting I just hate how both genders are treated differently we are all human none perfect all flawed in one way or another sorry for ranting :P.....
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