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I'm back with another installment of the NFL Plays of the Week!

Let's check out the top plays from Week 15!

5. Odell Beckham Jr. vs. Dolphins

Another week, another Odell Beckham highlight. The Giants' WR came up with a perfect toe-drag in the endzone to secure the TD. This guy comes up with amazing plays every single week and is a really incredible player to watch.

4. AJ Green vs. Steelers

The Bengals and Steelers don't like each other, as they got into some pushing matches before the game started. AJ Green scored a long touchdown by breaking some tackles - make sure you watch to the end of the GIF to see his celebration!

3. Marcus Mariota vs. Jets

The Titans pulled out some trickery on this one as Mariota lines up as a WR. The RB takes a direct snap, the Jets' defender slips and falls and Mariota is wide open for a long TD. It was Tennessee's only TD in the game, but it was a great one for sure.

2. Adrian Peterson vs. Cardinals

Giving some love to Purple Jesus as the Vikes' RB scored his 100th career TD this week. It's a classic AP run, breaking tons of tackles and showing off just how strong he is. What a player - off-the-field issues aside, he really is fun to watch

1. Cam Newton vs. Falcons

The Panthers just cannot be stopped. This is an absolutely ridiculous throw by Cam as he rifles one in to TE Ed Dickson. I have no idea how he fit this one into such a small window - and, as the announcer said during the game, "that ball had some CHEESE on it!"