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Seven Deadly Sins MOVED 2 WATTPAD

Wet T-Shirt (CHPTR 1)

*warning frickety frack* I unlocked my door and found the place trashed, "What the..." I then heard someone yelling which was followed my laughter. I dropped the bags I was holding and I slammed the door, making sure it echoed down the halls and upstairs. The house then went quiet until I heard shoes slowly hitting then staircase. The boys all had their heads hung as they walked down the stairs, I walked up to the bottom of the staircase with my arms crossed, "I leave you alone to go get us dinner and this is what I come home to?" The leader of the boys walked passed the rest and stood infront of me, "Joesonghaeyo. We will clean our mess up." I nodded and then sighed, "I'm sorry for being mean, It's just some stuff happened and it put me in a bad mood, Come here." I ushered them to come closer and then gave a group hug, "I'm glad you guys had fun while I was gone for a bit. It's time to eat, we can clean up afterwards." I walked back to the front door and picked up the bags and brought them into the dining room, they all sat down in their usual seats and I passed out everyones food. The lady looked at me like I was crazy with how much food I was ordering, I usually get that a lot when I shop for them since they can't go out. I sat down then looked at everyone as they laughed and smiled, I never want this to end. I smiled and then I felt someone staring at me, I looked to my right and it was Jimin. "Are you ok?" I nodded, "Thank you for asking Jimin." He smiled. I twisted the noodles on my fork and brought it up to my mouth when one slipped off and fell down my shirt. I looked down and cursed under my breath, I turned around and lifted my shirt up, "Where the hell is it?" I mumbled. I then could feel eyes on me, I looked out the side of my eye and noticed it was once again Jimin, my face grew red, "A noodle fell down my shirt..." I finally found it then put it in a napkin and balled it up. Jimin then loked down at his food while trying to get a piece of beef, "Nice bra," He said quietly so only I could hear. He said this as I was taking a sip of water, I started coughing and some of it spilled on my shirt. I cursed under my breath again and then stood up, everyone looked at me, when I noticed Jungkook's face was red, "What?" I said and he then pointed at my shirt, I looked down and you could clearly see my bra. I sighed, "I'll be right back." I walked to bedroom and opened the door then walked in and shut it behind me. I leaned against the door and sighed, I stood back up and ealked to my closet. I threw off my shirt and was about to reach for another one when the room went dark. "Very funny, can you please turn the light back on?" No one replied but I felt a hand slowly go up my spine and I shivered. "Good, you haven't put on a shirt yet..." I recognized this voice, it was Jimin. I could feel his breath against my neck and it gave me goosebumps, "W-What are you doing Jimin?" I felt a hand slowly move from my side to my chest then slowly lower down to my shorts, "What I've wanted to do for a while now." Comment if you want the next chapter.
These are all awesome I have been dying to read the next one lol
btw 👍 i like it ^^ continue doing this ;)
Omg chills went down my spine
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