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Pick Me Up (EXO FanFic)

Walmart (CHPTR 1)

My family and I walked into WalieWorld or as some may call it, Walmart, for our regular shopping routine. My mother hates shopping here but the place we usually go to, Whole foods, doesn't have what she needs. I decide to go check out the toys area. I get there and I have this weird feeling like someone is watching me, I turn around but no one is there, I decided it was nothing and shrugged it off. I picked up a toy off the shelf, being greeted by big staring googly eyes. The toy has a big fluffy red head with a furry red body as well. I found a button on its foot, so naturally, I press it. The red fluffy demon toy began to blare a childrens song. I hastily shoved it back onto the shelf from which I found it, but burying it deep into the back to minimize the sound. I walk away, whistling and praying that no one had seen or heard me. I then heard a quiet snicker, I turned around and noticed a man standing at the end of the isle laughing at me. "What's your problem?" I hiss at him while looking at the ground because I can feel my face burning. He brushes his tears away and says, "May I ask you a few questions?" and then let's out one more quiet snicker before sighing.

JaeWan Choi (CHPTR 2)

"The name is 최재완(CHOI, JaeWan) but people just usually call me Jae, pronounced like the American name, Jay." He walks toward me and holds out his hand. He lifts up his pixelated nerd glasses and looks me up and down. His strong Korean cheekbones intimidating me. Man, this guy is shady. But I have to admit, he has a certain charm to him. His glasses were buried in his ombré hair, nestling under several blond sections. "The name is Delilah."I shake his hand and he tilts his head to the side a bit and says, "Your new name is going to be Ahri, which means graceful and or elegant." I scoff and repeat what he said, "Your new name?" He covers his mouth and mumbles, "I've said to much.." he uncovers his mouth, "Look, I bet you've heard about all the rumors about Korean boy band, EXO." I look at him and think to myself, How do you know I am an exotic/squid/flower/exostan? "I had this feeling that you knew who they were, am I right," he tilts his head to the side again. "Yes, but h---," he puts his finger up to my lips, "I'm going to give you a once in a lifetime opportunity, but depending on your answers to these questions, I might give you that opportunity." He pulls a notepad out of his shoulder bag, striking an...interesting pose, one leg back and leaning forward. He was really hanging on to each word I said. His brown eyes scan me up and down before saying, with slightly too much enthusiasm, "Now for the questions!" Man, this is some trip to Walmart... He flips open the notebook, "Alright Mrs. Ahri, Who is your favorite member?" Comment if you want more.
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@ruthmilian89 @ExoandVixxtrash Just uploaded again XD
oooooo!!!! thank you!!!😀😀
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