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Great representation of how I think it would happen

Shortly after Goku was disintegrated to bits...
no have guys even watched the show for crying our loud goku could not make broly explode after one punch
@woodslucius Just because he's named a god makes him unbeatable?! Let me correct you, Goku in "God for" was shot by a normal laser and almost died. Sepheroth, Kaguya, Darkseid, and even Thanos have all been beaten. So no just because you're a god does not make you unbeatable, this is why I hate the DBZ fan base.
this is super dope. but I wanna give Saitama more credit than one finger from goku
Calm down people... Don't get your panties twisted. Saitama was mostly invented as a troll character to make fun of overrated heroes like superman and Goku. I love Goku a lot, but since Saitama was a troll made character, he's supposed to be super strong.... He cannot unleash his full potential or the universe will disappear
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