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Shortly after Goku was disintegrated to bits...
no have guys even watched the show for crying our loud goku could not make broly explode after one punch
@woodslucius Just because he's named a god makes him unbeatable?! Let me correct you, Goku in "God for" was shot by a normal laser and almost died. Sepheroth, Kaguya, Darkseid, and even Thanos have all been beaten. So no just because you're a god does not make you unbeatable, this is why I hate the DBZ fan base.
this is super dope. but I wanna give Saitama more credit than one finger from goku
Calm down people... Don't get your panties twisted. Saitama was mostly invented as a troll character to make fun of overrated heroes like superman and Goku. I love Goku a lot, but since Saitama was a troll made character, he's supposed to be super strong.... He cannot unleash his full potential or the universe will disappear
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