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Our beloved Idols are very well known for changing their hair color during comebacks. I've noticed that green hair color has become more dominant in the kpop scene. Many groups have had their comebacks and this time around many of the them have opted for shades of green.

SHINee - Key (Veiw)

JJCC - Prince Mak (Where U At?)

VIXX - N (Chained Up)

BTS - V (Run)

BTS - Suga (Run)

EXiD - Hani (Hot Pink)

What do you guys think? Do you think green is trending right now?
The bests were Hani and of course Mint yoongi but mainly mint yoongi because him with green hair is too much😍😍
@Jiyongixoxo Tell me about it. He looks like an angel, any hair color would suit him XD
They all look so good with green hair. *^* Maybe I should join in the trend. xD
I had green hair before it was cool...lol...but seriously I did