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My favorite duo is finally back with a new teaser feat. Bumkey!!! I am so excited because I always love the music that is created between these two. Even though if it's only 18 seconds long, its all I need to hear in order to know that its going to be a great song. You could hear Hyolyn's awesome vocals and Jooyoong's voice always make me weak lol!!!
Here is one of their other collabs. The sing is called Erase feat. Iron....The sonh is beautiful and really showcased both their voices ! Hyolyn said herself that she hardly gets to express herself like this whole being in SISTAR...and that also that Jooyong was her type (*cough* New Ship*cough*)

Are You Excited For This Collab?? Are You A Fan of Hyolyn and Jooyong?

@yessiex3 You're welcome..glad to help @Jiyongixoxo Hyolyn is one of my favorite female artists..her voice is just so unique it blows me away every time I hear it and of course Jooyoung has always been a personal favorite of mine!! So yeah this comeback has got me above excited!!
I am sooo excited for this!!!!! When I saw they were collabing again I nearly died!! I love Hyolyn she is one of my favorite female artists and Jooyoung......he is my love both of their voices are absolutely beautiful and together...its just heaven so I'm definitely ready for this song to come out
OMG yas! 😭❤ I loved their song together! so I'm really looking forward to this, thanks for writing this card! if you didn't i would have been in the dark 😰