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G-Dragon Heart Broken...
It's so sad he feels this way ...
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My thoughts are he is heart broken because he is very much in love with Seungri and isn't free to express it like he wants because of how it's viewed .... So he's had to choose between his career and Love...
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I don't think he is heart broken I think he is just expressing himself about what he feels on relatioships..He see things how they are..realistic I would call it.. .I understand what he tried to say..I think I
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@luna1171 that's a good thought also
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I saw this when he first posted it and I don't think he's heartbroken but I think it's kinda just a realization I guess or a basic thought he has but I 100% agree with this because it's soo true if your around someone too much you start to feel suffocated in a sense and like you can't do anything so that's probably how he felt
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I read this a totally different way. I thought he was talking about his relationship with his fans. ...because he was talking about not getting too much attention. celebrities love and hate all the attention at the same time.
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