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So I just finished my Japanese final and I feel really good about it. I think I did well and learned a lot from this class. I wanted to say thanks to @poojas and @hikaymm for making those cards that taught Japanese. it really helped a lot. and Im also glad all the anime I binged on helped too haha and great thanks to the Learning Japanese Community. I really learned a lot. Hope that everyone has a nice break and good luck to anyone still taking finals.
omg congrats! My least favorite part of my Japanese midterms/finals was the speaking teacher was so sweet but it was still terrifying hahahaha
@jeremimzy17 You're welcome! I was wondering if this is a college course? I've always wanted to take Japanese but the symbols are intimidating.
@cindystran thank you! and I think it wasn't that hard but that's because I put a lot of time into studying for it haha but there was a listening comprehension part and I guess I still need to practice on that.
Congrats on finishing the final. Was it difficult?
@cindystran oh yeah it is a college course. I took it at CSUN. but yeah the symbols are probably the hardest part of the course. luckily my professor had us practice in almost every class haha