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Since when is Batman a Marvel hero?

I'm not sure how many of these have been shared yet but I found an impressive number of accidental Batman/Marvel crossovers that made me:
For anyone less familiar with comic book characters, Batman is definitely the property of DC comics, which is Marvel's competitor. So this is *really* embarrassing.
This looks almost intentional but something tells me neither company approved this team up.
Batman's gonna join the Avengers before a Black Widow movie.
Y'all thought I was kidding.
Nope. He's gonna beat the magnum king. No condoms for anyone.
They probably all have holes in them anyway.
I don't know what's sadder: The fact that this team up will only ever happen in fanfiction, or the way the case lies and says The Hulk and superman are also in the box when we can all clearly see that they are not.
This card was inspired by @LAVONYORK so check out the rest of the cards in her series!
and since when naruto became apart of marvel?!
@LuffyNewman I think we found a few DC things that "borrowed" Spidey.... if they can't keep their own universes straight it seems like no one else should have to either XD
@shannonl5 馃槀 馃槀 馃槀 馃槀 馃槀 馃槀 I love Batman! Those packing might be telling something that people want lol!
Just goes to show marvel even has to rely on Detective Comics ;)
BATMAN is just that AWESOME
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