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This is one of the strangest headlines I've seen in a while. Fictional president (and my spirit animal) Frank Underwood will be making an announcement during the GOP debate tonight. More than that, I hope he rips the candidates a new one.
At any rate, having President Underwood in our midst during the often tiring, tedious debates on both sides will be a breath of fresh air.
Pop culture phenomenon, House Of Cards, has been praised by congressmen, binge-watchers and even President Obama for it's frightening accuracies and compelling performances.
After a cryptic Tweet from the official House of Cards account, we can be sure that Frank is going to do something big tonight. Maybe he'll take back all that gobbledigook about not seeking the nomination for himself last season.
As for the Republicans. We're gearing up for a showdown between three "real" candidates: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, who have maintained steady numbers in the polls.
I believe the field has been narrowed down to...9 candidates, while the Democrats are down to 3.
Hopefully we will see another candidate in President Underwood, but only time will tell.

What do you think President Underwood is going to say?

Oh man. This one is marketing gold.
@TessStevens he would rip them all a new one. Give that man a lectern
I hope he sets the tone. Something like "come on candidates I know I'm a little crazy, but at least I try to be composed for the public. let's try to have a clean debate..." or something like that! lol
He announced that house of cards season 4 is coming March 4th!!!!!!!!
@TessStevens What did he do??
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